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Greetings to all friends, family, clients and customers. 

We at Enis Cleaning have been diligently continuing to help stop the spread of illness by maintaining clean, sanitary residences and businesses during the Corona Virus outbreak.  We are working hard to give every customer support and assistance with disinfecting your living and work environments.   We are adhering closely to the recommendations of health officials for our safety and yours as well.   This message is to let everyone know that we have a few new updated terms regarding cleaning services. 

1 Cleaning services are by appointment only.  Due to demand, we can only take appointments scheduled in advance.   

2 Customers with quarantined people must notify us in advance and absolutely must not have any contact with our workers. They will have to stay in a designated closed room while we clean the rest of the house.  They must be transferred to a separate side of the house when we clean and it must remain closed and away from our cleaners. 

3 All people in the house must either go for a walk or plan to wait in another location until we finish the cleaning.   They may not stay in the house while we clean.

4 Existing Business and Commercial accounts with Enis Cleaning must notify us in advance if there are any scheduling changes.  Additional cleanings can be scheduled,  we just need some lead time to make sure our staff has proper notice. 

5 New accounts and new customers, please be patient.  If we can not pick up a call, please leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

6 We have upgraded our cleaning products to the strongest possible solutions in order to disinfect and clean surfaces and provide the safest environment for you and your loved ones.

We hope everyone is safe and protected during this time.  We are committed to helping clean so together we can all get through this. 

Thank you, 



Enis Cleaning Company 


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